Top Tips for Dog Grooming in Akron OH

For you to groom your dog properly, you need proper equipment, knowledge about dog grooming and proper preparation. You should groom your dog as recommended to keep it healthy, happy, confident and satisfied. Therefore, if you cannot be able to groom your dog, you should look for an experienced dog groomer to do it for you.

For you to have proper knowledge on how to groom a dog, you should understand the grooming protocol required and the breed of your dog. There are different procedures to be used depending on whether the dog has long or short hair. In addition, the age of the dog and particular breed also dictates how grooming should be done. Normally, you can have your dog groomed at least twice a month although some breeds required grooming more often than others. Instead of guessing, you can inquire from local dog grooming in Akron OH if you don’t know how often you should have your dog groomed.

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A Stow Ohio dog grooming expert will advise you that short haired dogs can be groomed once every two weeks while long haired dogs need to be groomed every week. Besides that, indoor dogs require less grooming because they are not exposed to dirt like outdoor dogs. Finally, you will also be advised that old dogs should not be groomed often. Besides shedding their hair faster as the age, old dogs’ hair smells bad and thus another reason to avoid frequent grooming. You can observe your dog’s behavior and understand how frequently you can groom it. If you dog look dirty, it’s scratching from insect bites, you should groom it. Also, if the dog plays on dirt or spends a lot of time outside, grooming it often is recommended.

How often should I groom my dog? This is a common question most dog owners ask themselves. Provided you dog is not old, you are using the right protocols and chemicals, you can groom your dog as much as you would like. One thing you should make sure is that you are using the right grooming products. Dogs are quite sensitive and use of harsh chemicals might lead to shedding of hair or having an itchy skin! For instance, you should not use human shampoo to groom your dog. This is because human shampoo is stronger and have a higher pH that makes your dog itch. If it is your first time to groom a dog or own a dog, consider searching for the best dog groomer near me in Stow, OH. The expert groomer will offer relevant information, advice and opinions on how you should do it to avoid doing it wrong in future.

If you do it yourself, use a special doggie comb to detangle his hair and remove any mats. In addition, you can purchase special detangling sprays to facilitate the grooming process. Detangling process can be quite tiring and requires great skills and patience. You should first use detangling spray to help loosen the hair. Then use the doggie comb to slowly detangle your pet’s hair. If you are rough, you might cause pain or great discomfort to your pet. Alternatively, you can find dog groomers in Stow, OH to do it for you.

To groom your dog you need to have proper knowledge, equipment and experience. Some people find it very fun to groom their dogs because it is a great time to bond and have fun with your dog. Remember, you should not opt for cheap grooming products and equipment because they might not be right to use on your dog.


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